Yuca Plys Wach = YucaWach
Look at this romantic couple... she's a Yuca, (Yucatecan) and he's a Wach (from Mexico City). Together they will make many little YucaWaches someday. Not now. Someday.
Hanna and her Jaguar
This is a shirt by Tony, the famous Yucatecan political cartoonist, some of whose ingenious designs are now available in Mayan Xic.
Natalia in Amsterdam
Natalia is a fan of Mayan Xic and currently lives in the socially advanced city of Amsferdam!
Fidel - Guitar Huiro!
Fidel has his Guitar Huiro tshirt that he got at the Mayan Xic store in Merida, Yucatan
Fidel in Rome
Fidel, sporting his Juepuchis! Mayan Xic tshirt in Rome!
New Moon in Mayan Xic
Since we're doing personalized shirts now, this is one that is extremely popular right before the New Moon movie comes out. November, 2009
Orgullosamente Yucaterco
'Orgullosamente' means proud, while the 'Yucaterco' is a play on Yucateco and 'Terco' (stubborn). So if you have a proudly stubborn Yucatecan on your list of wierd friends that you want to buy a tshirt for, or if you ARE one, then this is the shirt for you. The idea for this shirt came from Don Carlos Medina Hadad, who laughed off the term Orgullosamente Yucateco and substituted the Yucaterco.  

Yucatecan Lottery
After Mayan Xic was born, all kinds of interesting Yucatecan products came bubbling to the surface. One of the best ones is this bingo-like Yucatecan Lottery with cute cartoon drawings of all things Yuca, accompanied by the correct Yucatecan terminology. Mayan Xic sells these for about 3 dollars - send us an email if you want one! The link will take you to the Loteria Yucateca homepage.  
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