This site is best viewed at a resolution of 800x600 and in Spanish. Don’t speak Spanish? Well, what follows is my attempt at an explanation. Basically, the idea is this: in many parts of the Spanish speaking world the language used contains local expressions and slang. Something that is normal in the outlying areas of Cartagena, Colombia might be completely unintelligible to someone from the Polanco area of Mexico City.

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Red UAY with Green Parasol - Chicxulub, Yucat?n, M?xico
In sunny downtown Chicxulub Puerto, this lady wears her red UAY blouse proudly, accompanied by a colorful green parasol to keep the sun's rays at a distance.  

Find Mayan Xic in Los Angeles!
Subject to their approval, I am going to go ahead and plug the Chichen Itza Yucatecan restaurant here, cuz at their Mercado La Paloma location, they have a little store selling all kinds of Yucatecan things, from hammocks to Yucatecan Lotteries to... Mayan Xic shirts and blouses! So go and visit them and tell them you heard about it on the Mayan Xic website!  

The Xic Cantina - El Puyul Inquieto




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