This site is best viewed at a resolution of 800x600 and in Spanish. Don’t speak Spanish? Well, what follows is my attempt at an explanation. Basically, the idea is this: in many parts of the Spanish speaking world the language used contains local expressions and slang. Something that is normal in the outlying areas of Cartagena, Colombia might be completely unintelligible to someone from the Polanco area of Mexico City.

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Emiliano playing the djembe
Emiliano making a lot of racket (UAY!, what a racket!) on the beach in Cancun, Mexico - August, 2007  

Mayan Xic's 2004 Hanal Pixan Altar
The Feast of the Souls celebration in the Yucatan means altars. Hundreds of them are installed all over the state in homes and schools and public places to conmemorate deceased family members. The altar we put up in Mayan Xic was somewhat traditional (seasonal flowers, candles, the photo of the 'ibes') and at the same time, non-traditional. The tshirt says Lo Busco Lo Busco y No Lo Busco (a classic Yuca expression that means Im looking and I can't find it/him) framed by photos of Osama Bin Laden and George Bush.   





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