The Xic Cantina - El Puyul Inquieto
You'll feel right at home with this Yuca screensaver on your computer. As long as your home resembles a cantina. Probably not the best screensaver to use at work... This is a screen saver in a zip file. 1.8 Mb. Download here...
Return of the Zorro
In Yucatan, possums are called zorros, while in the rest of the Spanish-speaking world, zorro means fox. With a little persistance and a bit of music, our possums are foxes, too. Download this screensaver with optional sound (1.73 Mb). Download here...
Pueblito Xic
If you were born in Yucatan but had to move away, or if you have never been here, but wish you were, then you're never far from home with this wallpaper on your desktop (1.5 Mb). Download here...
Here's something you don't see every day... Except in Yucatan, that is. A k'au has invaded your computer desktop. Download this 4.1 MB zip file to receive Windows desktop wallpapers in three sizes. Download here...
Ninio... No Te Juegues el Tuch
Tuch is Mayan for your belly button. No self-respecting Yuca ever uses the Spanish 'ombligo'. This is said to the kid who is sitting around with his finger in his belly button - usually used for those little kids when they are exploring their various indentations for the first time. The phrase can also be used to get someone to stop sitting around and do something.  

Local newspaper Plan B photo
Here we have Ahmed with his 'Isn't my son Adorable' shirt and his adorable son under the caption: "read the shirt". April, 2005, Chicxulub, Yucatan  
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