This site is best viewed at a resolution of 800x600 and in Spanish. Don’t speak Spanish? Well, what follows is my attempt at an explanation. Basically, the idea is this: in many parts of the Spanish speaking world the language used contains local expressions and slang. Something that is normal in the outlying areas of Cartagena, Colombia might be completely unintelligible to someone from the Polanco area of Mexico City.

In the Yucatan, several factors have combined to create the language spoken here: One, the overpowering influence of the still very-much-alive Maya – in spite of all attempts to exterminate, exclude and isolate them for the last 500 years – has affected hugely the way Spanish is spoken here today. Second, the fact that Yucatan was isolated from the rest of the country for at least 400 years and had closer ties to Europe, Cuba and even the U.S., enabled the development of a way of speaking that would have eventually led to a completely new language, had it not been truncated at the half-way point. Apparently a new language takes 1000 years or so to develop in isolation and without outside influences.

So in addition to the inclusion of actual Mayan words and grammatical rules, there is the vocabulary of Spain in the 1500’s, along with interesting French influences as well. The result is a unique form of oral communication that has made Yucatecans famous throughout the entire country and other parts of the Spanish-speaking world. What Mayan Xic has done is take this unique form of oral expression and turn it into fashionable, wearable expression of cultural pride.


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