Me Haces Loch
Mayan Xic's number one seller! Using the Mayan 'loch' (cuddling innocently in a hammock) the wearer of this shirt is basically asking for a hug; a little bit of sympathetic attention. Some people think it means something more, but they are wrong. It's totally innocent.  

Aida in Oregon, USA
Aida gets lots of attention with her Me Haces Loch shirt - when she tells people what it means, they either smile or hug her or both! Oregon, USA - 2007  
Dzereco & Nohoch
Local comedians in the paper - Dzereco and Nohoch in a photo from today's Diario de Yucatan newspaper. Note the 'emposmado' Mayan Xic tshirt
Mayan Xic in Tabasco
Mayan Xic inspires idea for a similar venture in Villahermosa, Tabasco!
The Tabasco Store sports a new Sign!
This photo shows the new sign recently installed in the Tabasco store Asi Es Tabajco. In case you didn't know, the Tabasque?os, or Chocos as they call themselves, drop the letter 's' very much like the Cubans do. In spelling their expressions, they insert the letter J to imitate the sound. We are now up to more than a dozen designs at this location! On the corner of Lerdo and Aldama in Villahermosa's downtown.
Mayan Xic in Villahermosa, Tabasco!
Mayan Xic has taken the concept of putting very local expressions on shirts and other stuff to the neighboring state of Tabasco, home of Mexico's 'other' (and self-proclaimed legitimate) president and a host of unique expressions. This new venture is called ChocoXic (chocos are what the tabasque?os call themselves) and the store is in the very heart of Villahermosa. Look for it on your next visit! Lerdo street, corner of Aldama, in downtown Villahermosa!
Conde Cakes in Los Angeles has Mayan Xic
Yucatecans unite! The Yuca cakery Conde Cakes with locations in Bell ans Santa Ana, California, has a modest selection of Mayan Xic t-shirts... go visit them, have yourself a biscocho that hopefully will not be sats' and buy a shirt while you're at it.
Find Mayan Xic in Los Angeles!
Subject to their approval, I am going to go ahead and plug the Chichen Itza Yucatecan restaurant here, cuz at their Mercado La Paloma location, they have a little store selling all kinds of Yucatecan things, from hammocks to Yucatecan Lotteries to... Mayan Xic shirts and blouses! So go and visit them and tell them you heard about it on the Mayan Xic website!
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